Singles chart just like good old days

Wow! What fun this week’s UK Singles Chart turned out to be. Just like the good old days; a classic spat – Eamon Vs Frankee – to turn up the heat and make things interesting. And she’s still dissing the poor guy even though it’s so obviously just a stunt. You go girl! Top of the Pops did a great job mixing the pair’s videos together on Friday (a bit cheeky given he was No.1 and she hadn’t charted yet, but hey). And it was great to have a record last four whole weeks at No.1.

And I know it’s not just me. You could see people’s heads turn in the Gym when Chartshow TV put the videos on back-to-back. Not a reaction lacklustre Will Young’s Your Game could get. That only came out this week, but it’s been on Chartshow TV for weeks (in fact I think its actually dropped off the rotation now). I’ve a feeling that despite months of pre-promotion, demand for Your Game is not so pent up that Young will knock Frankee off the top spot. I reckon he’ll land at No.6 and that that’ll be the end of him.

PS. It’s worth mentioning in passing that the Official Chart Company website is extremely poor, with no proper archive. Best to rely on the enthusiastic geek at (even though he archives a weekly chart by month).

PPS.It’s all a bit much for the yanks. They call Frankee’s single ‘Furb’, as even ‘F U’ is too much for them!

Keeping it real……Integrity of Top of the Pops

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