Sky News exaggerates Tory poll lead

Sky graphics department plays will poll results
While nobody should pretend a Tory lead is a good thing, I’ve not really taken any interest in opinion polls, until I realised how easily Tories wobble when their lead falls into single figures.

There are still many Conservatives who fear that Cameron’s moderate rhetoric would translate into a moderate government and are desperate to seize the agenda. So every dip in the polls is an opportunity to offer him some advice, like come clean and admit you want to slash and burn public services, saying you won’t is a ‘gaffe’.

The truth is that Cameron is very reluctant to let us know what he’d do in power. And given that so many of his shadow cabinet — William Hague, George Osborne, Chris Grayling, Michael Gove, Liam Fox — are so close to the US tobacco, anti-healthcare and anti-green lobbies we should not be surprised he’s so keen to keep his agenda hidden.

Nevertheless, he can clearly rely on Sky News to exaggerate on his behalf. Just check out that graphic and see how the Tories nine point lead over Labour is so much bigger than Labour’s twelve point lead over the Lib Dems. In the graphic above, the Tory lead over Labour is 95 pixels, while Labour’s lead over the Lib Dems is just 73 pixels.

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