So that was Christmas… another year over… et cetera

See Arthur Xmas 2005 big on FlickrToday’s the last day of Christmas and this evening will be spent putting away the decorations on pain of a year of bad luck. The pic marks a well overdue first appearance here for Arthur ‘Arty-puss’ Newton, whom we rescued on 4 September from the RSPCA’s Altham Animal Centre, Accrington.

He was picked up by a vet local to the centre with a rotten leg – front, left – and is now an amputee. And if the sob story wasn’t enough he was named ‘Norman’ in the centre, which was Critter’s name before we took him in. He was very confident at Altham, but when he got home he spent the first week hiding behind a chair except for meals and bathroom breaks. The second week he spent hiding behind the chair whenever Katharine wasn’t around (I’m clearly quite scary) and he slept with his eyes open (which is a strange sight) for about three weeks. Now he’s very confident indeed, is easily the quickest cat on the Close (he can run far more easily than he can walk) and terrifies his neighbours. Critter, who was a hardnosed toothless bully, would be proud.

Here he’s inspecting the presents. Arthur’s is the big blue one (it’s a crinkle tunnel), the stocking’s his too (balls with bells, treats, gourmet Xmas dinner) and he got first dibs on the wrapping paper.

Christmas 2005 was restful and fun. We tried to watch the television, but there really wasn’t much on. I can only really remember the Queen’s speech, Little Britain and Dr Who.

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