Spare a thought for#1: the Mis-teeq ladies

Much of Scott Mills’ show this morning seemed to be based on trivia from this morning’s Popbitch, a fun but always distasteful e-newsletter. I may have missed it on the show, but for me the worst news is that following the collapse of Telstar, the most excellent pop combo Mis-teeq are not only without a record label, but are owed loads of money. And they were tipped most likely to survive the death of the label, which caught a cold backing Victoria Beckham’s ill-judged attempt to retain a pop career. I regretted missing them at last year’s V Festival and now I guess they’ll be working the tills in Tesco. Buy some of their stuff it’s quality pop to remember the first few years of the millennium by… I’m sure they’ll get the royalties one day.

Posh & Becks as a stretched limo……Spare a thought for#2: too pretty Brad Pitt

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