Spare a thought for#2: too pretty Brad Pitt

Of all Hollywood stars, I think Brad Pitt’s press is the least fair. And it seems to be the girlies fault, because he’s always presented as little more than eye candy. Yet with the exception of his current outing, Troy, Brad’s not done big budget summer blockbusters. And then he had to face the indignity of Talking Movies’ Tom Brook suggesting he’s too old for that kind of thing at nearly forty.

The truth is that Brad Pitt is far more actorly than he gets credit for. He certainly wasn’t the pretty boy in the superb Kalifornia or True Romance. Se7en, Twelve Monkeys and Fight Club are all recognised as classics and with the exception of Snatch (Guy Ritchie’s fault, surely), it’s hard to name a bad Brad Pitt film. Yet no matter what Brad does, he’s always condemned for being too pretty.
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