Spice Girls cancel tour… silly little girls

I’ve never felt tempted to spice up my life, but I’m sure that not even hardened fans will take the Spice Girls ‘family commitments’ excuse for cutting short their tour very seriously. I’m sure they could have found a decent babysitter wherever they planned to go. But the worse thing about the Spice Girls is the way they patronise their fans who, ten years on, are no longer children.

They split because they didn’t get on… and they cancelled the tour because they still don’t get on.

All of which provides a great contrast with Take That, who I very much enjoyed. I’d never have gone to see them at their height, buying cheap tickets at the last minute was a spur of the moment thing. This was a spectacular show put on by friends who’d been matured by their years in the wilderness and the vibe was warm and friendly.

The Spice Girls, in contrast, will always be silly little girls.

One thought on “Spice Girls cancel tour… silly little girls

  1. There were the fallings out … plus bad record sales and general lack of interest. Well, I for one won’t be mourning their passing from the pop scene, especially as they’ll still be plastered all over the press for decades to come. If that isn’t enough to win someone to revolutionary socialist politics, I don’t know what is ;)

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