A spike in my stats whenever she’s on

Katharine’s spotted the weather girl who can’t be named (at London Euston). I know ‘weather girl’ is a little patronising, but hey, they deserve it (especially this one). I first mentioned this celebrity way back in March, when I’d only just started blogging and soon started getting loads of visits from (I imagine sad, older, male) people looking for naked, nude topless (you know). Then in early April I just happened to mention how surprisingly popular she is and now, well, there’s a definite spike in my stats whenever she’s on TV.

Ever helpful, I’ve added links to a dating agency to the original post.

Anyway. This is for those gentlemen who prefer the older woman. Katharine reports that’s she’s no different in the flesh and today she was wearing a flowery pink dress with pink cardigan. You be excited to learn that her companion was also an older blonde, this time in a raincoat. I’m afraid that in the absence of the photos you seek, you’ll have to ‘meditate’ on that.

Too honest for the weather……***** ******** naked… or nude perhaps……‘Celebrity worship essential’, say scientists

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