Squeezy Marmite… just wrong

Unilever backs squeezy Marmite launch with £3m campaignI’m a big fan of Marmite. In fact I don’t see how anyone can eat toast without it and think Starbucks’ Cheese & Marmite Panini is heavenly. And I’m partisan. Vegemite, Marmite’s ozzy foe, is foul (too heavy on the malt extract).

But this squeezy Marmite is an aberration. I’m instantly reminded of the time I went to one of those warehouse shopping club places and bought a huge catering tub of Marmite. It came in similar packaging to margarine and just didn’t work. That solid round black jar has lasted more than a century for good reason. Worse they’re going to have to thin it for squeezy philistines.

As for preventing ‘butter and toast crumbs on the knife contaminating the spread’. That’s nonsense; these so-called contaminants add to the experience when you dip your finger in for that pure Marmite hit.

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