St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall

St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, CornwallMoving swiftly on from Lizard Point the next stop was a quick look at St Michael’s Mount. We weren’t too interested in going in. Call me a philistine, but I tend to find these castles and houses a bit samey once you get through the door. What’s impressive is this beautiful castle atop a bit of rock just out to sea.

Rain had abated, but wind hadn’t. I lost my Eden Project cap as we crossed the causeway. For a moment I thought I might just be able to get it, ‘Come on you,’ said Katharine. ‘It’s not worth it!’ said a passer-by. We battled onward.

With the mount itself conquered, attention turned to getting back. The tide was coming in. Would we make it? No. Damn we’d have to get a ferry, but when would it be deep enough for the service to start? Well it started straight away and it was only £1.20. Yet some decided they could walk – and push prams – on water a phenomenon captured from our little boat.
Fools walk on water
Uploaded: 15 July 2005

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