St. Werburgh’s Road: Chorlton’s Metrolink station to be

See ‘St. Werburgh’s Road: Chorlton’s Metrolink station to be’ large on FlickrThis post contains an error. See: John Leech MP: I was wrong#5
Set to be the end of the line for Metrolink, this is where disused rail track meets St. Werburgh’s Road: just about here. So they say.

We’ve been here before after all, only to witness the government u-turn. This second u-turn is one I predicted when Chorlton punished Labour by turning Lib Dem.

The line has to end somewhere, but St Werburgh’s Road is an odd choice. While it’s only a ten minute walk through Chorlton Park for me, which is nice, there’s nothing here. Looking at the map, it’s hard to see why they’re not taking it under this bridge and on to the next proposed station, Withington. Here there’s plenty happening and that small step would open up another suburb.

Meanwhile, our new MP is spreading the scare story that funding will be withdrawn again if Manchester doesn’t agree a congestion charge. Scare stories are very much his thing; I left the Lib Dems in part over attempts to invent scare stories to undermine Manchester’s Commonwealth Games (like this one over London and the Olympics). But with the GMPTE bidding for the next phase already, there’s plenty of time to attach some strings.

4 thoughts on “St. Werburgh’s Road: Chorlton’s Metrolink station to be

  1. It might not be going any further because the old railway line has been utilised by Sustrans for cycle paths which currently run all the way round to Sport City and beyond.

  2. i don’t get the point of this extension, seems to me like it’s gonna be a monumental waste of cash. it’s going to cost a fortune to re-instate this short length, and the service is going to be pretty poor, as cornbrook junction is already overstretched. Trams from eccles can wait for up to ten minutes to get onto the line into town there.
    It’d be far more sensible (and a lot cheaper) to put on a decent shuttle bus service between old trafford aka trafford bar, and chorlton running say every five minutes with a single ticket covering the bus and tram. The only good reason for this extension that i can think of is to put a few more noughts on the house prices of the chorltonistas, more than a few of whom work at the council transport planning dept, no doubt..

  3. Sorry wade , your comments are unfounded the system works well thats if the driver does not leave pomona early or late . The only disruption as long as you say you waited would be through other failures ie tram, signal ect.

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