Students rave on in Withington

South Manchester Reporter: Students hold illegal rave at derelict pubWho could fail to admire the students who held an illegal – but surprisingly responsible – rave at Withington’s disused White Lion?

The ‘reclaiming abandoned space for the community’ line sounds like convenient nonsense to me, but in a piece that’s failed to make the online edition, the South Manchester Reporter reckons the police received not a single complaint, there were proper bouncers and a system for selling alcohol without a licence that sounds far too simple to be true.

Greater Manchester Police should be singled for particularly high praise after they allowed the students to rave on from 11pm to 6.30am. (Although some are cynical about the constabulary’s emailed offer to return equipment confiscated at that time.)

All of which is one in the eye of our local MP and councillors, who have dedicated their lives to closing properly licensed and regulated establishments. Organising the party via a secret Facebook group and starting well beyond the killjoys’ bedtime (most are curled up in bed by 9pm with a mug of Horlicks* and a chocolate biscuit), ensured the whole event flew well under the radar… and shows the night time culture to be far less disruptive than is claimed.
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