Sugababes at V Festival 2006

Click to see ‘Sugababes at V Festival 2006’ in a variety of different sizesYou might expect Sugababes to be high on the bill in the JJB/Puma Arena, which has had a more pop feel in previous years. But here they are warming up the main stage. You can’t beat a bit of honest pop. And that’s what we got.

That said, I don’t think we needed the acoustic medley. It’s not that it wasn’t well executed — it certainly was — but it’s the tactic of those with something to prove. The Sugababes have nothing to prove. Covering the Human League’s Obsession went down well.

Good pop music is totally unpretentious, unashamedly disposable and claims so little for itself that it simply can’t be compromised. As successful line-up changes prove, Sugababes is about brand values not band values. It doesn’t matter if the girls come off some record company executive’s production line.
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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