Surreal Things: Surrealism & Design, Victoria & Albert Museum

Surreal Things: Surrealism & Design, Victoria & Albert MuseumSurreal Things: Surrealism & Design isn’t quite as satisfying as it might be.

There are some fabulous – perhaps must see – pieces here, the most obvious being Dali’s lobster telephones, but so successful was the surrealist movement, these can appear almost too familiar. On the other hand Dali’s jewel encrusted, articulated broaches are quite incredible.

And it’s a well rounded exhibition. There’s a little bit of everything; painting, fashion, film, home furnishings. There’s a well told story of intellectual corruption too as we’re taken on a journey from anti-capitalist protests at the ballet to surrealism in advertising.

What’s missing is a soul. The great personalities are muted and the thing is somehow cold.

Surreal Things: Surrealism & Design left the Victoria & Albert Museum on 22 July, but appears in Rotterdam later this year and is in Bilbao for much of next year.

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