Class not race is the key to America’s drift leftward

Met with overwhelmingly with relief, President Obama’s victory in last week’s election may at first sight appear a flimsy thing: the electoral college may have been overwhelming, but the popular vote was narrow. Yet there is some genuine cause to be more optimistic for America: even The Spectator believes the US is heading leftward, ‘whoever the candidate might be’. Continue reading

Ministerial Standards watchdog’s frustration points to Atlantic Bridge cover up

Liam Fox supporters keen to rehabilitate the former defence secretary, like poor old Louise Mensch, suffered a set back today when former ministerial standards watchdog Sir Philip Mawer belated ‘mauled the prime minister’ at a select committee hearing. But of course readers of this blog were warned well ahead of time that Sir Continue reading

Plotting for Liam Fox’s return

Tory MP Louise Mensch, née Bagshawe’s, performance on Have I Got News for You this weekend, will probably be best remembered for assertion that protesters occupying the City of London who have bought coffee from Starbucks should not be listened to; ‘if they prop up a corporate titan like Starbucks they really need Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge CEO: UK charity was a confidence trick

In a remarkable aside in today’s Sunday Telegraph Amanda Bowman, chief executive of Atlantic Bridge Inc., is quoted as describing her organisation’s UK charity as a ‘shell game’. So how did this confidence trick work and who was being conned? My guess is that she’s referring to the arrangement described in the UK Continue reading

Tories scapegoat civil servant to shield Cameron

In a clear act of cowardice, the Conservative Party has moved to scapegoat Ursula Brennan, permanent under secretary at the Ministry of Defence, in order to protect the prime minister from scrutiny in the wake of Dr Liam Fox’s resignation. But I can now reveal that David Cameron’s office has been fully aware Continue reading