Atlantic Bridge guilty… but Charity Commission lets them off the hook

‘The Commission has made clear to the trustees their legal and regulatory responsibilities and that the Charity’s current activities must cease immediately.’ – Charity Commission Regulatory Case Report: The Atlantic Bridge Regular readers will be well aware of my one man campaign against the Atlantic Bridge, a charity established by defence secretary Dr Continue reading

William Hague denies Atlantic Bridge sponsored book launch

William Hague’s office has kindly emailed to deny that it hosted the New York launch of his biography of William Wilberforce. I had asked Hague to explain why he had failed to declare the sponsorship in the House of Commons’ Register of Members Financial Interests. Here’s how the Atlantic Bridge used to describe Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge drops commitment to Reagan-Thatcher Partnership to placate Charity Commission

The Atlantic Bridge, a UK charity founded by Dr Liam Fox, has launched a new website with references to its ‘simple aim of “Strengthening the Special Relationship” exemplified by the Reagan-Thatcher partnership of the 1980s,’ removed. The pledge has also been removed from the website of its sister US charity, Atlantic Bridge Inc. Continue reading

Senator Jon Kyl’s $2,500 hotel room… paid by US Atlantic Bridge charity

A US non-profit (the UK equivalent would be a charity), spending US$2,471.70 on one nights’ accommodation for a US senator might ordinarily raise some eyebrows but, to be fair, this non-profit is the Atlantic Bridge, Inc., which has been established as a travel club for senior members of the British Conservative Party and Continue reading

Tories’ Atlantic Bridge to US tobacco, anti-healthcare and anti-green lobbies

I’ve been a quiet blogger of late, but those of you who have taken an interest in the Charity Commission’s investigation of the Atlantic Bridge need not assume that I’ve let things go. You may recall that this organisation consists of at least two entities – a UK-based charity and a US-based charity Continue reading

Atlantic Bridge: the Tory ‘think tank’ that defies Cameron’s ‘modernisation’

On Tuesday, Margaret Thatcher honoured Dr Henry Kissinger with her eponymous Medal of Freedomsomewhere in Knightsbridge, the exact location having been kept secret for security reasons. In return, Kissinger delivered the second Margaret Thatcher Lecture. Baroness Thatcher, the charity’s patron, endowed the Medal of Freedom, along with a lecture in her name, to the Atlantic Continue reading