Take That, Manchester Evening News Arena

‘Relight my f-ire!
Your love is my only des-ire!’

Seeing all the excited crowds hanging around the Manchester Evening News Arena at the weekend got us talking about how Take That might be quite fun and so on Sunday morning I checked out eBay and — whey-hey! — bought a pair of cheap tickets (£119.95 including postage). By Tuesday morning they were in my grubby paws. So forget all this £500 each nonsense, just because someone’s put some tickets on Buy It Now! at a silly price doesn’t mean they’re going to get silly money.

And indeed they were fun and the show was a spectacular in a way the cameraphone footage can never do it justice. Dancing girls and boys, two stages and real fire (including an unplanned one that held the show up for an hour). Fire was the theme of the night, with Relight My Fire the outstanding highlight and featuring Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley fame.

The boys are all quite grown up and mature now, basking in their fame in the warm and positive way only a band whose members have spent ten years in the wilderness could do. They’ve come to terms with the idea that the whole will always be worth much more than the sum of the parts. And it was a good natured crowd as you’d expect, though much of the show had quite a summery feel despite our proximity to Christmas.

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