Take That to reform

Breaking news: Take That to reform, but not for a concert.

An anecdote: Just before Take That split, I went to a seminar at Manchester’s Cornerhouse on the Take That phenomenon. It was a proper academic affair, but that didn’t stop the kiddies turning up with their mums – they actually photographed the cinema screen when videos were shown.

Anyway. At one point the starting out on the gay club circuit thing came up. It was illustrated by the video where they roll around in foodstuffs while a ‘cleaner’ wields a mop somewhat inappropriately given the age of the average Take That fan. How gay culture enters the mainstream, was briefly touched upon, before moving on to how school girls discover their sexuality through apparently safe (i.e. unattainable) pop stars.

Needless to say, the girlies – many of whom may have defended their idols in the playground against gay rumours – were gobsmacked. And their mothers looked none too pleased.

One thought on “Take That to reform

  1. You would be unsurprised to hear that, a short time ago, one ex Take Thatter came out in a Manchester club. The next day he thought better of it and went back in again.

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