Tanita body fat monitor & scales: READER OFFER

Monitoring body fat is a tricky business as it’s a nonsense to assume everyone of a certain height should be a certain weight. The amount of body fat will vary by lifestyle.

In the absence of a readiness to diet, my strategy is to raise my basal metabolic rate, that is, to increase the amount of energy I use while sitting on my arse. All you have to do is build a little muscle and the muscle will burn the calories as you sleep. Challenge yourself regularly enough and soon that basal metabolic rate will be on the up and you’ll get slimmer… but heavier.

This is not as difficult as it sounds about six years ago I discovered I enjoy running, biking (I can’t ride a real bike) or rowing aimlessly while watching pop videos. And about three years ago I discovered I quite enjoy lifting weights – just for the sake of lifting weights – again while watching pop videos.

But how to monitor body fat? I’ve invested in a Tanita Body Fat Monitor. Other body fat monitors are available (try Salter or Winterwarm, who do the Paula Radcliffe body fat monitors) and are probably as good, but Tanita got there first with the idea of passing a safe electric current through the body to monitor its composition.

Anyway. Why not buy a body fat monitor from Amazon?

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