Taxi to Manchester Piccadilly!

Click to see a larger version at FlickrIt’s 8.21 on a Monday morning and all is quiet at Manchester Piccadilly. It’s Bank Holiday!

The station got its make-over and dashing airport style looks in time for the Commonwealth Games five years ago. With that they moved the entrance round the back, which I guess is now the front, and threw all the cabbies off course.

None of Chorlton’s cab drivers has yet worked out how to get to the dropping off point without performing an illegal manoeuvre. It’s as if defying the new-ish arrangement is a point of high principal. To get it right, would reveal that you’d read the road signs and followed directions, something no cabbie could ever own up to.

And it’s just a fifteen minute journey (today), but no two cab drivers ever take the same route in. They all love a quirky little short cut.

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