Teacup on Thomas Street: the place for porridge

Superfoods Porridge by Teacup on Thomas StreetGoing out for breakfast has always been one of my favourite treats and, as this Superfoods Porridge from Teacup on Thomas Street proves, it need not mean a gut busting fry-up. This may not look it, but it is food of the gods and cheap at just a couple of pounds or so.

Yet porridge is not as easy at it looks. The other day I found myself approaching a client’s office a little early and popped into Starbucks — whose Fairtrade coffee I’ve always enjoyed and who do some surprisingly good salads — and made the big mistake of trying their porridge. The order was met with a look of somehow knowing confusion from the barista, who had to check ‘out the back’ for porridge. Porridge was found. I paid-up and then was told there was no fruit to go with it; that disappointed me, but I let it go. Worse was the come, I was eventually served up some lukewarm milk with lumps floating in it. To be fair I got my money back, an embarrassed apology and a voucher for any drink, any size from any Starbucks anywhere in the continental USA, Canada or the UK.

Anyway. Back to Teacup on Thomas Street which was previously, and more simply, known as Cup but has succumbed to the Northern Quarter trend of boasting that you’re on Thomas Street (and why not?) and who most certainly do know how to make porridge. More importantly, as this Superfoods porridge demonstrates, they know how to make porridge interesting. This has blueberries, pumpkin seeds and other stuff. It’s really, really good.

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