The Cribs, Manchester Central


It’s been a bad couple of months gig wise. The White Stripes panicked and the Police caught a cold. But all seems well with Bloc Party.

The last time we were here at Manchester Central it was called G-Mex and we were entertained by Madness.

Anyway. Here are The Cribs.
Uploaded by mobile phone to Stephen Newton’s diary of sorts

2 thoughts on “The Cribs, Manchester Central

  1. I warmed to them. They did the old smash the instruments thing at the end of their set and Katharine said: ‘is this bit for all the geeky lads?’

    Those in Cribs t-shirts were on the nerdy side of the fence.

    They appeared to have been let down by poor sound quality. I thought it was rotten acoustics, but it didn’t affect Bloc Party.

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