This is England: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

My best friend aged 7-11 became a glue sniffing skinhead in the late 1970s thanks to his older brothers and, though set in 1983, this near-perfect film of complex, well drawn and acted characters captures something of him. The timeline isn’t quite right (Thatcher’s play for the anti-immigration vote, and near bankruptcy, meant that the National Front was in decline in ’83) but the fashion fascism over flares is spot on.
A must see 10 of 10.
Writer/Director: Shane Meadows……Starring: Thomas Turgoose……Stephen Graham……Vicky McClure……Joseph Gilgun
Sunshine……My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami)

One thought on “This is England: films reviewed in 50 words-ish

  1. so glad it’s not just me who notice the time line was wrong and remembers how Thatcher stole the BNP vote with her ‘swamping’ speech. Shame I couldn’t persuade some Young People in the Cornerhouse bar after the fillum

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