To fans of Radio 4’s ‘UK Theme’: Go back to bed!

Armando Iannucci does a good job satirising Radio 4 listeners in the Observer, who have become dreadfully upset at the axing of the UK theme. You’d think it was the national anthem that was getting it in the neck. But no. It’s a ten minute medley by an Austrian-born composer that includes Danny Boy, What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?, Scotland the Brave, Rule Britannia, Men of Harlech, Greensleeves, Londonderry Air and Early One Morning. I’ve only heard brief snippets and it’s the bilge you’d expect from that description.

But not only is the ‘UK theme’ embarrassing nonsense, it’s only played at 5.30am when any sensible person needs a really good excuse not to be tucked up in bed. And reading the comments left on the Telegraph website it’s clear fans of the UK Theme could do with a nice lie down.

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