Tomlinson death illustrates liability of Tory bloggers

As soon as we are done examining why David Cameron was wrong to push for Gordon Brown’s Smeargate apology, the death of Ian Tomlinson illustrates what a liability Tory bloggers are for the Conservative Party.

The smug — predictably anonymous — author of the award winning Letters From A Tory, has worked hard to defend the policing of the G20 and justify the brutality shown to Tomlinson; a theme s/he as warmed too.

Perhaps most worryingly, this cheerleader for the Conservative Party sees those who protest as legitimate targets for police violence, giving us a taste of how our democracy might fair under a new Tory government. But more on that another day.

That Tomlinson died not of a heart attack, but of internal bleeding, is shocking enough. That his first post-mortem was rushed and conducted by a pathologist with form, is perhaps more shocking again.

Letters From A Tory will no doubt be keener than ever to protect their identity tonight, which makes naming and shaming these people all the more vital. And if Cameron truly believes Gordon Brown is responsible for Derek Draper, he must accept responsibility for cultivating a Tory culture that tolerates the likes of this anonymous coward.

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