Lib Dems cast Tony Blair as bomber

Departures: Tony Blair the bomberI am not the censorious type, but I was surprised, even shocked, to come across this cartoon portraying Tony Blair as a bomber… it’s a bit near the mark don’t you think?

Had the Glasgow Airport incident been more serious, I think there would be more than a few red faces at the Lib Dem’s Cowley Street HQ, for it is from there that the offending image originates.

Perhaps it was inspired by conspiracy theorist Norman Baker MP. Who not only believes Dr David Kelly’s death was murder, but has hinted that the spooks may have done for Robin Cook too and is careful to leave the door open to those who belive: ‘A great deal of evidence… suggests that individuals in the US government colluded with or engineered the [9/11] attacks’.

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One thought on “Lib Dems cast Tony Blair as bomber

  1. I don’t interpret it as showing Blair as a bomber. (Wouldn’t he have been in a car if that had been the case? Or on fire implying a suicide bombing?) It just seems to be saying as he leaves the country is blowing up behind him. And implies that, given his previous record of not exactly bringing peace everywhere he goes (Iraq, Afghanistan, UK, etc.), we shouldn’t hold out too much hope for the Middle East.

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