Tony Blair’s Catholic Christmas

Tony Blair’s catholic Christmas

Not being superstitious, for me Christmas is a time for family centred party and the hero is Father Christmas. I like to think of this guy on my tree as a Coca-cola Santa, although he does look a touch Russian.

For Tony Blair I guess it will be rather different; his first Christmas as a Catholic. But probably not his first Catholic Christmas. His conversion has certainly upset some, with poor old Ann Widdecombe apparently criticising the pope for letting him in; but she’s not even qualified to be a humble parish priest.

Blair was right to fear being labelled a nutter and the religious are keen to fight this aggressive secularism, but the problem with religious politicians isn’t so much their irrational beliefs.

The problem is that religion is too easily mistaken for morality. It removes the need to think for yourself and hampers originality. Faith is somewhere to retreat when things get tough.

It’s far better to have a go at working things out for yourself, than to buy a moral code off the shelf.

I guess that’s my Christmas thought for the year. Have fun!

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