Too honest for the weather

BBC North West Tonight weather presenter Diane Oxberry just put her career in serious jeopardy. She’d just finished telling people what the weather had been like today (in case you’d forgotten already) and was moving on to the weather at that moment, when she made her near fatal error. Her description of the weather, she explained, should match what viewers could see through their windows.

I do hope this looking through the window to see if it’s raining idea catches on, because I’ve long been irritated by over long weather reports. By the time they’ve finished telling you what the weather’s been like or what it’s like if you’re abroad (and unable to tune in), my concentration’s gone. BBC Breakfast is particularly bad, giving its incredibly frumpy presenters far, far, far too long. There’s nothing worse in the morning than Carol Kirkwood, the most irritating person on television cooing, ‘Oooooo! It’s cold on the roof of BBC TV Centre!’ or ‘Oooooo! What a lovely day!’

Let’s hope Diane’s faux pas heralds a revelation among viewers – you don’t need TV to tell you what the weather’s like right now.
Carol Kirkwood naked… or nude perhaps……Diane Oxberry: subversive weather girl

6 thoughts on “Too honest for the weather

  1. I happen to find Carol Kirkwood quite alluring, and find myself gazing at her in the morning wondering what she would like in stockings and suspenders.


  2. Yup she brightens up my day! Always wonder if shre wears anything under her coat in winter. Brrrr

  3. Yahoo is the worst!!!!! and many many other reports are padded with crap- you are never given the real temp- ALWAYS COLDER or HOTTER! its all how worried they need you to be to keep on reading

    Fear = money

    Maybe as you are waiting or reading they can cram another ad in your face


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