Too much sleep?

That so many of us are suffering from sleep deprivation may be something of a myth; just because you can sleep all day doesn’t mean you should. Way back in 1894 the British Medical Journal was reporting that the; ‘hurry and excitement of modern life is held to be responsible for much of the insomnia of which we hear… The pity of it is that so many people are… obliged to lead a life of anxiety and high tension.’

At the risk of extrapolating too much from personal anecdote, I’ve noticed that I often feel more energetic and more content when I’m burning the candle at both ends. I enjoy my sleep… but I enjoy it better upon going to bed tired. And I could easily lie in bed for a day… but I’d feel listless afterwards.

It seems the idea of that we all need at least eight hours is the result of a plot by evil pharmaceutical companies desperate to flog sleeping potions… so stay awake and work, work, work!

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