Top of the Pops retires

There’s no such thing as a merger; there are only take-overs. And so it is with Top of the Pops, which is not just moving to BBC2 Sundays, but merging with Top of the Pops 2. Chances are TOTP will link up somehow with the fading Radio 1 Chartshow and so remain the pop music show of record, a role its had for forty years. Nevertheless, this marks a major cultural shift. TOTP2 is a nostalgia show with a very different audience. The idea of a ‘show for music lovers of every generation’, sounds flawed to me. I’m not sure that I want to share a programme with Busted and McFly fans (guess that’s mutual). So TOTP2 is the new Top of the Pops proper, but with added chart show.

Against the odds that might just work. I’m sure there are plenty of us out there who are old enough to appreciate the music of prior decades, but are still excited by new music and enjoy following music charts and trends. With McFly (jointly the hottest teen act going) charting at number five (v.poor) at a time when it’s never been easier to get to number one, it seems the kids aren’t bothered by chart positions anyway. (But I bet record companies are.)

Integrity of Top of the Pops…..McFly to inherit fans as Busted split……Singles chart just like good old days

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