Up the Tories in Whalley Range!

Way back in January, I totally missed the significance of Lib Dem Cllr Faraz Bhatti defecting to the Tories. I think the reason I missed the point was, I never even considered the Conservatives would seriously contest the seat.

Back in May 2007, Lib Dem Faraz Bhatti scored 2030 to Labour’s 1418, the Green’s 393 and the Tories pathetic 206.

And yet the election season opened with a flurry of never before seen blue and green Conservative Party posters. The only political posters for some weeks, although the Lib Dems have now hit back hard and easily outnumber them. Faraz Bhatti apparently added 872 votes to the Lib Dem total and if he took them all with him to the Tories… this time represented by his mate Fawad Hussain… well they’d only leapfrog the Green Party into a solid third place!

But more importantly, Labour would reclaim the seat… doh! So up the Tories in Whalley Range. They’re mostly harmless… unless you’re a Lib Dem.

3 thoughts on “Up the Tories in Whalley Range!

  1. My point, Chris, is that I never thought the Tories would be daft enough to convince themselves they have a chance and assumed Faraz Bhatti would be concentrating on other things.

  2. Has anyone (else) visited eutruth.org.uk – Britain is due to be abolished next month.

    That is when the Queen is scheduled to sign the E.U. Constitution/Treaty.

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