Tourist in denial

Click to see ‘Tourist in denial’ in a variety of different sizesThe other side to the old people in macs for the last heatwave is this guy. He’s a tourist in denial spotted at the bar of the Clacham Inn, Drymen, Scotland.

Sadly, it has not been shorts weather, but worse than that, he’s wearing some mustard sandals-cum-flip-flops.
Addendum: We left a rainy Loch Lomond (14 degrees, my shorts with shop label still attached) to find our neighbours sunbathing (25 degrees). Yes it rains in Manchester, but those who complain have clearly never visited Scotland (or Wales).
This posted via mobile via Flickr and so not so closely proofread. Click the pic to see it large (there’s an ‘all-sizes’ tab for really large).

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