Trust David Cameron

‘Mr Cameron will learn this year whether his own daughter has won a place at a state-funded Church of England school in Kensington, West London.’
The Times

David Cameron’s promotion of progressive new Tory values like co-operation always looked shaky and now the Tory twist is beginning to reveal itself. As Bob Piper says, these are the morals of those with sharp elbows, which doesn’t sound very co-operative at all.

Not only will Cameron not criticise any parents who pretend to be Christians in order to get their children into a faith school, he praises those who do as ‘active citizens’. A neighbour of the Tory leader says: ‘Church schools in Kensington and Chelsea are chock-a-block with parents who have conveniently found God when their child is two and a half, which gives them just enough regular church-going before they must put their application in. Although there are genuine Christians, I would say the majority are in the other category.’

Of course parents will lie for their children, but rather than praise dishonesty it would be nice to hear David Cameron’s plan to change things so that parents no longer feel a need to deceive the local vicar.

All of which fits into a pattern of slimy dishonesty when it comes to Cameron, that makes him particularly dodgy. If he had some principles – however flawed – it might be possible to respect David Cameron, but he is no more than an opportunist wishing crises on the country: ‘an enthusiastic Tory backbencher like me can hardly wait to switch on the Today programme every morning in order to listen to all the bad news.’

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