UKIP/BNP myths too quietly exposed

Unite Against FascismThe news that the UK is not being swamped with East European benefit scroungers hasn’t got anywhere near the coverage it deserves. After all, it was scare stories from the likes of the Daily Mail that led so many people to vote for UKIP at the Euro elections. They peddled the ridiculous myth that Eastern Europe would be emptied as its population flooded into Britain in search of a better life. That myth’s been exposed as nonsense.

Just a trickle of economic migrants have moved to the UK. Meanwhile our TV schedules are filled with programmes – A Place in the Sun, A New Life Downunder, Get a New Life – on settling down abroad. Friends of ours are taking advantage of the EU to visit France today and evaluate a business opportunity. There are large communities of Brits across the continent, particularly Spain, yet we don’t hear UKIP/BNP calling them home before they destroy those countries’ cultures.

Also this week came the news that UKIP’s most famous face, Robert Kilroy-Silk (the British Jerry Springer), won’t be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred in the Daily Express. He was sacked from that paper and lost his TV show over his racist remarks.

The Kilroy incident shows why UKIP’s quest for free speech includes plans to abolish the Commission for Racial Equality; without the freedom to encourage racism their campaigning is severely hampered.

I should have mentioned above that my Christianity no more inventive than Islam blog from March this year, got a comment from a Robert Kilroy. Don’t think it was him, do you?
Update November 2008: UKIP leadership rejects BNP… what would Jeeves advise?

14 thoughts on “UKIP/BNP myths too quietly exposed

  1. Yawn, it’s getting boring seeing uninformed people trying to tar UKIP with the BNP brush. It makes me wonder why people are so desperate to rubbish a perfectly decent party. I’m sure you can find a bad apple in any party, but if you had bothered to read the UKIP manifesto you would feel stupid writing this drivel. I challange you to point me to one place where the UKIP says the whole of Europe would arrive in Britain overnight. It’s more concerned that over time we will have no say who comes into the country, including mafia, terrorists or anyone who thinks Britain is there for them to sponge off and not contribute back. I have certainly noticed more eastern europeans in my town latley and the fact they were trying to sell me lucky heather makes me wonder if they will be contibuting to the country as a proud member of the U.K.

  2. As a supporter and recent member of the UK Independence Party, I am delighted that celebrity TV chef Rusty Lee is planning to come on board and stand for election the next time round.
    I’m sick of some people trying to create a link between the BNP and the UKIP. I find racism abhorrent, and yet I’m extremely proud to be British, and wish to see the UK pull out of the EU. Racism has no place in the UKIP.

  3. Sorry Matt, but you’re a fool. So there are some East Europeans in your town. The Spanish Costas are chock-a-block with Brits! If BNP/UKIP were consistent they’d be ordering all those ex-pats home.

    I believe you when you say there are more East Europeans where you live. As an employer I can?t get enough skilled workers (I’m in the building trade). I’d like to see more immigrants with the skills I need. I know this is true in the IT sector too.

    But anecdotes (mine or yours) aren’t enough. I want the real facts and figures and the truth is they don’t support the idea that Britain’s being ‘swamped’.

    UKIP has a short 5 point manifesto. Point 3 is ‘Overcrowding’. Yet as the facts and figures show, the ‘mass immigration; they claim is a myth. Why do they promote that myth?

    I remember Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech back in 1968. He said, ’15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man? i.e. 83-88. He was wrong. UKIP are no different.

  4. Jim,
    Thanks for your appraisal of my intelligence, it’s comforting that I have opposing views to people who start debate with abuse.
    Thanks for making me aware that any Euopeans that have arrived are on hols.I assumed because they were selling bits of weeds meant they were “working”.
    I have no problem in you using any skilled european labour. My concern is this may cause problems for countries who loose these skills. UKIP has not got a closed door policy on immigration.
    Parts of this country ARE overcrowded. Grid locked traffic, shortage of homes are a couple of indicators. These overcrowded areas are where everyone heads as thats where jobs are.
    UKIP hasn’t said the world would immediatley book its tickets here, it’s the fact we couldn’t do anything about it if it did in the future.
    Enoch Powell was a Conservative, and I believe he was more “Extreme” than most UKIP members. The BNP polled 10% of votes in the north.It’s people like you who are driving people to that ex

  5. Matt
    “Euopeans” as you call them aren’t on hols — neither are all the Brits I was talking about who colonise the Spanish costas. I’ve no problem with those ex-pats, but why should it be one rule for English people who want to settle abroad and another for much needed immigrants to England?

    UKIP/BNP lie about us being overwhelmed and use the same language as Powell.


  6. Jim
    The reason the Brits are welcomed to the costas is because of their cold hard cash and no other reason. UKIP unlike the BNP is happy for controlled imigration to happen. People who can bring skills or money are welcome, and those who truly need to escape tyranny also.
    Give me examples of how the UKIP are in anyway racist or want or use the same language as Powell. They do warn of the possabilty of the UK being overwhelmed over time due to zero control border policies promoted by the EU. With the housing shortage and road congestion, that is a valid concern.

    Don’t believe everything you read in the mainstream media, there are powerful interests who manipulate this “news”.

  7. Excellent post, and interesting debate…

    ‘Parts of this country ARE overcrowded. Grid locked traffic, shortage of homes are a couple of indicators.’

    Who *exactly* are you blaming for over-crowded roads and shortage of homes? It’s nothing to do with foreigners, it’s because there’s, erm, too many cars and not enough houses. Mass immigration IS a myth – what immigration we have we need as we have a generally low birth rate and too many old people.

    I can’t respond to all those points but just want to say UKIP are blaming entirely the wrong people for Britain’s problems. Europe as an organisation may have its faults but it has brought us progress and wealth. It has prevented war in our countries for over 50 years. None of our leaders will ever leave it. And UKIP’s campaign against political correctness, so far involving ridiculous statements about women, is just embarrassing.

  8. How many BRITISH people are flooding in to eastern europe and pakistan? Enoch was right…we all know that, but most are to politicly correct to admit it. I fear it is almost too late.
    In 20 years we’ll be overrun by the disease of muslim scum. WAKE UP BRITAIN!

  9. we have got to think our british people who settle in spain or elsewhere abroad have to settle with money behind them the immigrants we get in uk come with nothing and claim everthing putting a huge burden on the taxpayer

  10. “I remember Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood speech back in 1968. He said, ‘15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man? i.e. 83-88. He was wrong. UKIP are no different.”

    Powell was right, except it happened in former British colonies in Rhodesia and in South Africa where perfidious albion destroyed this upstart white-ruled nations and delivered them to the unprepared, and illiterate marxist thugs such as the ANC and Mugabe.

    just recently a brave white man by the name of Terreblanche was murdered in South Africa.

    I recently returned to London after 35 years absence and I find the place has become basically overrun with pakis, jamaicans, and russians!

    individuals such as yourself are always unwitting 5th columns of your own countries’ destruction.

    Glad, I left Britain never to return….place is half-way to communist totalitarianism…..

  11. When the muslims get power there won’t be any liberal blogging like this anymore. Can anyone give a believable reason why the massive increase in muslim culture won’t continue? Occupied territories in British cities where whites can’t go, mosques everywhere and burkas. Women’s rights, so hard fought for are now routinely ignored by sharia courts in Britain. Mutilation of young girls already happens here and is ignored on cultural or religious grounds. This muslim culture is polluting our democratic process and will lead to the inevitable oppression of women, gays and freedom of expression.

  12. Billy Tomlinson are you aware that one million Brits live in Australia. And do you realise how people in Spain feel about the ‘british invasion of the costas?’ – people from britain who want british pubs and british chip shops and who refuse to speak Spanish or adapt to Spanish culture.

    Mass immigration is just a myth. There are many Eastern Europeans doing jobs that many Brits are too lazy to do.

    Btw, its not “everyone wants to move to Britain for a better life”, there are also immigrants contributing to the societies of France, Germany etc.

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