UKIP’s ‘non-racist’ Gutfreund-Walmsley struggles to spell party name

UKIP struggles to spell its own nameLiving in a hard fought marginal, means I get more than my fair share of party literature all of varying quality. But the prize for the worst election leaflet must go to UKIP’s Dr Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley who appears to be acting as his own agent and so must take responsibility for being unable to spell his party’s name or ‘constituency’.

Opening up the leaflet we discover that Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley is fighting under the defensive and suspicious slogan, ‘non-racist and inclusive’.

One assumes that Gutfreund-Walmsley is referring to well reported allegations of UKIP/BNP co-operation and UKIP’s rejection of a pact with the BNP after the fascists’ attempts to infiltrate the eurosceptic party.

If I were Dr Robert Gutfreund-Walmsley, I wouldn’t want to remind the electorate of all that and I’d run a spell checker over any future communication.

2 thoughts on “UKIP’s ‘non-racist’ Gutfreund-Walmsley struggles to spell party name

  1. I remember him from Lectures where he accused me of being sexist because I’d chatted up a Dutch exchange student! Ver ver jealous man and also highly judgemental.

  2. troy,

    I can’t imagine Dr. Gutfreund would have cared in the slightest about you attempting (no doubt failing) to chat up a Dutch exchange student. I’m going to stick with the assumption that you were in fact being sexist and as one of Bobs ex-students I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I learnt from him at my time at MMU. Although I personally do not vote UKIP nor do I agree with their policies- I can confirm Bob has now deflected from any association with UKIP although I still believe he is euro-sceptic.

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