UKIP leadership rejects BNP… what would Jeeves advise?

A comment from Billy Tomlinson on a four year old post, reminds me that UKIP was once worth blogging about. Over the last few years they’ve more or less dropped off the radar and must expect to lose all of their MEPs next year. Back in 2004, I got taken to task for attempting to tar UKIP with a BNP brush, but I’m is good company. Tory blogger Iain Dale has been reporting on UKIP/BNP co-operation for some time.

Not only do UKIP’s opponents liken them to the BNP, but the BNP recognises UKIP members as kindred spirits and has proposed an electoral pact. So insistent was the fascists’ envoy, the police were called.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage complained to the BBC that: ‘there had been an attempt “over many months” to infiltrate and try to “demoralise” UKIP members into thinking there was no future without a deal with the BNP.’

Nigel Farage has always reminded me of Bertie Wooster. Definitely dim-witted; possibly nice, but dim. I suspect Jeeves would be tapping him on the shoulder now with the suggestion that he turn his back on UKIP and find another game to play. Perhaps Farage could defect to the Tories. It would be fun to watch him reopen some of their old wounds; trying to defend a lifeless UKIP from the circling BNP vultures can’t bring him any joy.

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