US Army Surplus beats eBay

US Army Surplus auction here!eBay! might have the profile and reputation, but if you’re really serious about online auctions, you can’t beat US Government Military Surplus, where you can avoid being labelled an unlawful combatant by bidding on military uniforms and suchlike. And that’s not all: today’s hot lot is a rather nice 65ft yacht.

While there’re plenty of guns, there’s not so much ammo. Similarly, there’re a quite few missile launchers available as well as the odd torpedo power pack, but no actual missiles or torpedoes in at time of writing. I guess the consumables get all used up. Lot category 4470-Nuclear Reactors is also empty for time being, but you can join a watch list to be notified just as soon as something comes in. And anyone who followed the shock-and-awe campaign in Iraq will be confident of finding some top-notch pyrotechnics (lot category 1370).

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