US response: Abu Ghraib becomes Camp Redemption

Lynndie R England is still driving plenty of traffic this way as people search for videos and uncensored pictures to supplement the photos they already have of her playing with Iraqi genitalia. This search for jollies – which, like abusing prisoners, is only human – continues against the background of one of the guys behind the camera, Jeremy Sivits, going down for a year which seems light, but that’s the maximum, so there you go. Sivits describes how Lynndie stomped on prisoners and made fun of their penises, but his trial will turn out to be the easy one.

Easy because Sivits seems genuinely remorseful, unlike his colleagues. Here Lynndie makes it clear she feels she was acting according to the spirit, if not the letter, of her command. The women – Lynndie, Sabrina Harmon and Megan Ambuhl – are always going to get the most attention and Lynndie’s words further assure their positions as dominatrix poster pin-ups. New pictures show Specialist Sabrina Harmon gloating over a corpse, amongst other things, and US Senate Committee members looked through 1600 images last week.

My fear that the courts martial might be unfair may be unfounded, as there’s not much evidence of circus. But unlike Sivits, the next batch will make their defence the charge that they were ordered to soften prisoners and the silence of those of a higher rank was an endorsement of their methods. And those methods may not be as random as they appear, but based on techniques developed by UK special forces. And the culture cultivated by those at very top regarded the abuse as a necessary by-product of war, which challenges Rumsfeld’s assertion that it ain’t torture, but abuse.

Meanwhile, the decision to rename Abu Ghraib prison Camp Redemption proves someone has a sense of humour.

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