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uSwitch: Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices, offers and services from every supplier. We want to make it as easy as possible to compare and switchAd: uSwitch now offers credit card and personal loan comparisons too.
I’m not one for New Year resolutions. But last year ended with an energy bill that came with an invitation to sign up for a capped tariff that would lock me in for eighteen months; so not a cheaper tariff, but a promise not to put my bill up too much. I suppose that’s not such a bad offer if comparing gas and electricity suppliers is such a chore, you really don’t care if you’re not on the cheapest tariff. However, as things have settled down quite considerably since energy suppliers embraced competition (and lowered the cost of power) it looks like the only way for gas and electricity prices is up. So it’s time for a supplier comparison.

Which brings me on to, who I’ve mentioned before, re best buy internet, and which is now the UK’s busiest utility related website after British Gas. You really can place an order with a new cheaper energy supplier in just a few minutes. You don’t really need to have recent bill handy, as they’ll tell you who’s cheapest anyway and they looked up my gas and electricity supply numbers without having to ask.

It’s odd that people don’t change energy supplier more often. After all, electricity’s electricity wherever it comes from; like gas, it’s a product to which suppliers can’t easily add value, working just as well whoever it’s bought from. And you don’t have to buy on the basis of price. rate suppliers on data supplied by Ofgem, the independent regulator of the gas and electricity industries.

More interestingly, they also allow you to shop by a green energy rating provided by Friends of the Earth, the largest international network of environmental groups. itself is regulated on a voluntary basis by Energy Watch, the independent watchdog for gas and electricity consumers, which means they have to include up to date information on all suppliers in their comparison tables, not just those who pay uSwitch a commission. (When I did the broadband internet comparison, the cheapest supplier was one that doesn’t pay commission and so needed to be contacted direct.) It looks like I’m going to save around £60 per year, but reckon the average household could save £140 on their energy bills if they changed supplier, not bad a few minutes work.
AD: The average household could save £140 off their energy bills if they changed supplier. Click here to find out how much you could save.
uSwitch Vs Which?: Best buy broadband internet……uSwitch to renewable green electricity… or go nuclear

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