uSwitch READER OFFER: compare credit cards & loans

uSwitch: compare personal loans & find the best dealuSwitch has become a trusted household name by enabling customers to find thing like the cheapest gas and electricity suppliers, the greenest electricity suppliers or the best buy broadband internet connection. uSwitch is successful because people trust it. They trust it because it agrees to be independently regulated by energywatch, the watchdog created by government to protect consumers. Crucially, it includes data from all energy suppliers, not just those who pay uSwitch a commission so users can sign up directly from the uSwitch website.

And now uSwitch enables you to compare credit cards or compare personal and secured loans from a similarly comprehensive dataset. Credit card and loan comparison is made using data supplied by an independent personal finance data publisher, which monitors all providers continually and updates uSwitch daily with changes to ensure results are comprehensive and accurate.

Credit card comparison is not easy and there is no credit card that’s best for everyone. The uSwitch compare credit cards calculator works out how much you’d save by transferring a balance from one card to another. It also works out the interest and charges over a chosen time period for a new credit card. You can also compare credit card benefits like cashback deals, annual fees, free travel insurance, Air Miles, medical and legal assistance and 24-hour customer service. And in around ten minutes find the best credit card for you.

Whether you’re looking for a personal loan or a secured loan, it’s just as easy to compare loans with uSwitch. Loans from all available lenders (High Street and internet) are compared taking into account factors like interest, payment protection insurance, early repayment charges and penalties. The cost of a loan can vary enormously from lender to lender, but with uSwitch you can compare them all and make an informed decision in just a few minutes.
uSwitch: compare Credit Cards & find the best deal

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