uSwitch READER OFFER: renewable green electricity… or go nuclear

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I try to keep my short blogroll of people I actually read fairly diverse, so it’s unprecedented for two of them – Small Values of Cool and – to hit on the same headline. And what a headline: ‘Nuclear now’. Both are following up on a Wired article of that name and are inclined to agree that nuclear power is the only real solution to the world’s energy needs. I was prompted to write about nuclear power’s inevitable comeback last July, when Tony Blair started to get serious about climate change (and mentioned US pro-nuclear lobbing). Nuclear energy’s killer selling point is that it’s an off-the-shelf solution, while nothing else is proven or unobtrusive enough: wind farms always provoke protests like this one with David Bellamy.

Nevertheless, nobody has to stand by and wait for it to happen. You can do your best to swim against the tide: switch to a green energy supplier through uSwitch. They enable you to choose an electricity company on the basis of a green energy rating provided by Friends of the Earth, the largest international network of environmental groups. itself is regulated on a voluntary basis by Energy Watch, the independent watchdog for gas and electricity consumers, which means they have to include up-to-date information on all suppliers in their comparison tables, not just those who pay uSwitch a commission.

Changing to renewable green electricity makes no noticeable difference to you. After all, electricity’s electricity however it’s been generated and it all gets pooled into the national grid. The key is that your supplier has to generate a unit of electricity for every unit you use and in many cases they guarantee that that unit is green; others only guarantee a proportion of the unit will be green, so it’s up to you how far you go.
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