uSwitch Vs Which? Best buy broadband internet: READER OFFER

Best buy broadband from uSwitchAd: uSwitch now offers credit card and personal loan comparisons too.
I used to subscribe to Which?, but it seems such an old fashioned way of finding best buys. On top of that, I sometimes found myself questioning the expertise of the experts: on broadband internet service providers (ISPs), Which? once said that although services are described as ‘always on’, you did have to reconnect each time you turned on your PC (a bit like saying, ‘the BBC claims to broadcast 24 hours a day, but when we switched off the TV, the screen went blank’).

ONSPEED - The Alternative To BroadbandAn early adopter, I inevitably went with BT Openworld, but it wasn’t long before cheaper offers came online. But even out of the initial fixed term contract period, I soon discovered that if I wanted to switch ISPs my service would be disrupted for around two weeks. Now uSwitch – which is probably the easiest way to compare gas, electricity, credit card, etcetera prices – has launched a broadband comparison service, through which I’ve discovered that this summer Ofcom announced an industry code of conduct. This is supposed to make migration an easy non-disruptive procedure. And it is really easy to enter a few details at uSwitch and get a list of the cheapest ISPs. But none of my cheapest four providers were on Ofcom’s list, so if I switched to them I could be stuck.

I couldn’t sign-up with my cheapest options through uSwitch either, presumably because they won’t pay uSwitch’s commission. But it’s not hard to Google them and this does show uSwitch recommended the cheapest, even when that won’t earn them any money. Which? do some great campaign work, but the best buy stuff is no longer the realm of monthly magazines that quickly date and have to be dumbed right down.
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