V Festival food

V Festival food

Over the last decade and more, the V Festival has obviously evolved and this year the food offer was superb.

It used to be that the most you could hope for was a cheap burger, cold pizza or something claiming to be noodles. Now the sausages are gourmet, there are smoothie bars, inventive vegetarian options and here hot porridge with raisins and banana.
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One thought on “V Festival food

  1. All with suspiciously similar price tags… V seems to be revelling in its ‘corporate’ image as it gives the festival the opportunity to charge through the nose for the most basic grub without a hint of apology. Similarly absent was any dissent from the muddy masses, who happily queued up to part with even more cash… twice in the case of the beer stands, following the organisers’ introduction of drinks tokens. A good way, cynics might argue of collecting cash for, and not dispensing £3.30-a-pint drinks due to tokens being lost. A cheap burger would have been very welcome indeed. As it was, skinflint Brayster supplemented his V diet with cheapbrand pot noodles and beans. Thank you Aldi.

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