View from the beer garden

Click to see ‘View from the beer garden’ in a variety of different sizesSneaking out early for a couple of pints just had to be done, especially given the Daily Express warning of snow for this weekend. I suspect the Express is mounting a black propaganda exercise to undermine the case for climate change by making wild claims that turn out to be just silly.

But the Express has always looked silly and today is a beautiful May like day when we should have cold April showers. Rainfall is just four per cent of normal.

Anyway. I’m rambling because my drinking partner’s mixed up dates and is consequently delayed. I doing the ‘try to look busy playing with your phone thing’ that’s now customary in these situations. Last time I did this, at the Red Lion in Withington, I was engaged in conversation by a Kiwi (opener, ‘nice phone’; me, ‘it’s just a Sony Ericsson K800i).

He introduced me to his niece, a photography student with an interest in nudes… oh dear I’ll have to stop here as company has arrived.

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