Volcano betting: holiday protection from Paddy Power

With a holiday in Las Vegas and beyond looming, my thoughts have been turning to the volcanic ash cloud and the risk of an even larger eruption.

I know my travel company is obliged to look after me, but there’s always a chance they’ll try to do a Ryanair. With insurers assuming airlines will do the right thing, a little ash could be expensive.

So well done to Paddy Power and their Volcanic Ash holiday protection product. Insurance has always been a posh word for betting after all; we have to bet we’ll crash the car and hope we won’t win.

I’m going to bet a few quid that I can’t fly back from Las Vegas, which seems fitting, so should the worst happen I’ll at least have some spending money.

So go on, have a flutter on not making it home, it’s just another form of holiday insurance.
Update: I should have added that if you follow the links from this page (which Paddy Power have paid for) you’ll get a free £20 bet.

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