Vote People’s History Museum

Manchester’s People’s History Museum is in the running to win the £100,000 Arts Fund Prize and you can help by voting for the museum and telling the judges why the People’s History Museum should enjoy their support.

I reckon you should vote People’s History Museum because the history we are familiar with is often the history of the elites; the kings, emperors, politicians and dictators who made the big decisions that have shaped our world. Important those people were, and while we feel their influence still, the lives of the people who lived as we might have lived are often even more fascinating. Few of us can easily identify with ancient royalty; those who did ordinary jobs were more like us and closer to who we might have been. And it is wrong to underestimate more everyday people’s influence on the world. So many trends have not been dictated by elites, but set by more anonymous, more ordinary people, who rose up. These are the lives captured by the People’s History Museum.

So vote People’s History Museum.

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