As a brunette, Nicola T stands out among WAGs, but she is a top Page 3 girl (does anyone pay attention to Page 3 anymore?) so I guess that makes up for it. It’s claimed that her footballing other half keeps a huge photo of her breasts over the bed. Now that’s tasteful.

Anyway. Here she is leading the WAGs Workout with standard issue blondes Melissa Johnson, a freelance make-up artist and model (obviously), and Lisa Munday, a professional dancer and, of course, model.

Lisa reckons that to bag a footballer, ‘You should have a body from Baywatch; not a face from Crimewatch’. And that’s where WAGs Workout comes in. WAGs Workout is designed to be the must-have accessory for any girl looking to ‘achieve the look and style of a WAG – and who knows, they may even bag themselves a footballer in the process!’

Not only does WAGs Workout come with three cardio and toning workouts, there are top tips from leading hair and make-up artists. Three sections – Get the Body, Get the Look and Get the Style – guide the would-be WAG through the process of transformation on a High Street budget, without aiming for size zero.

So if you aspire to have a huge photo of your breasts hanging over a footballer’s bed, buy WAGs Workout today.

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