Wake Up! London, Australian youth hostel

Wake Up! LondonWe’ve got fairly simple requirements for city break accomodation, including London. A double room with it’s own bathroom that’s clean and centrally located. The thing is, London hotels struggle to offer that at a reasonable price without descending into total dives. So you’re often better off going out a couple of tube stops to somewhere like Finsbury Park.

Anyway. Some innovators are finally entering the market. Highest profile is easyHotel which offers a small windowless room with a bed made-up with disposable linen for around £50 a night. Nice. We’d have gone for that, but along came Wake Up! London, an Australian youth hostel. They’re geared up for large groups (something like ten to a room) and long stayers working their way around, but they offer what we’re after too for less than £50 a night. Best of all they’re just behind Paddington Station.

The room was a fair size, clean but slightly battered. We didn’t try the TV (an extra at easyHotel) and they’ve plenty of other facilities we didn’t try like a TV room, laundry, internet access, a bar et cetera. It was a bloody cold weekend, but the place was warm. The only gripes were a blown bulb in the bathroom and young people’s habit of running around late at might shouting et cetera. But hey, they’re on an adventure!

We reported the bulb. They wrote that down. We went out. We came back to find no promised repair.

‘It’s in the book,’ said reception. ‘But it’s not crossed off, so it’s not been done.’

Of course I knew that and now maintenance had gone home and locked the light bulbs away (bizarre, but probably true). So we showered by the shaving light. Never mind. We’ll still be coming back.
AD: Book Wake Up! London here.
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