Warburtons: Britain’s favourite baker

As a proper Chorltonian, I obviously buy my bread from Barbakan, where I find a large granary costs about the same as the Hovis equivalent sold across the road in Tesco Express. I admit to being a little smug about that; not everybody has such a fine local baker on their doorstep.

But when the nation’s health professionals are working so hard to get us to eat a little healthier, it’s disappointing to learn from this ad that Britain’s favourite baker, presumably by sales, is Warburtons. I’ve always associated Warburtons with the type of bread that should never be toasted, because when you do the butter simply melts to a puddle and then runs off as it were coated with something unpleasant.

To be fair, this problem may be confined to Warburtons white bread. Nevertheless, inspecting labels (e.g. wholemeal Hovis Vs wholemeal Warburtons) I’ve found that equivalent Hovis products (which, unlike Warburtons, claim to be free of artificial colours and preservatives) tend to have a significantly higher wheatgerm or wheatgrain content. Yet Warburtons is often a little more expensive, as if it were a premium brand.

It’s a great shame that so many people choose crap bread when healthier alternatives are so freely available and are often cheaper.

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