Warburtons SnackaDoodle & ChippidyDooDaa

They might be big-time Tories, but the Warburtons folk can’t be all bad as about a week ago, and despite my slagging off their bread in the past, they sent me some free samples of their snack foods — Warburtons SnackaDoodle and Warburtons ChippidyDooDaa — which they say are not as unhealthy as crisps.

Having munched through three packets of ChippidyDooDaas and one SnackaDoodle, I reckon Walkers can rest easy. A dried pitta bread snack, ChippidyDooDaas are a bit like little Doritos in the shape a chicken’s beak. They’re okay, but they come across as a touch stale. They need more flavouring to distract from being dried up bread. The SnackaDoodles are nicer, but not nice enough. These wholegrain snacks are not as unhealthy as the ChippidyDooDaas, but are still a little dry.

Neither snack is at all satisfying. Having given in to temptation and bought a packet of SnackaDoodles or ChippidyDooDaas, you’ll almost certainly be left feeling a little disappointed in yourself, as you might for having bought any snack food. But that disappointment is unlikely to be offset by any enjoyment you felt at the time.

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