What a hoo-ha

My blog on the psychology of the right has prompted an interesting, if short tempered, response. I began with a reference to the Anal Philosopher, a conservative Texan academic and animal rights activist, who argues that conservatism is defined by its presumption in favour of tradition. Traditions like bloodspots should obviously be rebutted, he half explains. I’d found Anal quoted with admiration on the blog of a right-of-center, gun-owning, gay Texan. Heterosexuality is a tradition Anal favours. Now Anal has found an (I suspect unwelcome) ally in the form of pro-hunting Jon Ray, a man who condemns the left – in red type for emphasis – for making ‘fascism’ a swear word.

To this increasingly bizarre coalition my failure to show tolerance towards their respective value systems makes me a liberal bigot, a badge I wear with pride.

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